The following is a some personal information about me, my hobbies/ interests and a short version of my current resume.

NOTE: My full resume can be downloaded by clicking on the headding.


Persona Information

Birth date: May 21, 1982

Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec

Citizenship: Canadian

Address: A01-9140 Ceres

               Pierrefonds, Qc

    H8Y 3N7

Cell Phone #: (514)-688-3056

E-mail Address: j_con999@yahoo.com


  1. 3DS MAX Fundamentals Level 1 at the National Animation and Design Center
  2. DEP in AutoCAD and Technical Drafting program at Aviron Technical institute
  3. DEC in the John Abbott College Honors Science Program (program number 200.16)
  4. High School Diploma, Lindsay Place High School

Honors and Awards

  1. Certificate of Distinction in the Descartes math competition
  2. Certificat de Bilinguisme
  3. Achievement awards in math 536, physics 534 and chemistry 534.

Work Experience

Bleu Tech Montreal(Permasteelisa North America): Since July 2010, I have been a 3D Modeler and Draftsman creating fabrication drawings for Exterior Curtain-wall Systems. I have been a Senior Drafter and Team Leader since 2015
Mentra Systems Inc./ACPE: Between completing the DEP Program at Aviron in July 2005 and December 2009, I have worked as a technical draftsman with Mentra. My Primary responsibility was the creation of process flow diagrams and the integration of architectural, electrical, mechanical and third party drawings to create a 3D model of a facility for use in interference testing and process visualization aids (human, product and waste flows). I was also responsible for maintaining, logging and filing all drawings and blueprints.
Umpire: Level 3 For the last 22 years, I have been an umpire for the Lac-St-Louis region officiating baseball games for the West Island Baseball and Lakeshore Associations.

Relevant Computer Experience


Wayne McKinnon

(514) 485-6286


Hobbies and General Intersets

Project Gutenberg The Project Gutenberg website is an online library where users can download free versions of classic literature. As copyrights expire, new texts become available. Works by authors like Dumas, Shakespeare, and Doyle are featured along with essayists like Darwin and Marx.
Orson Scott Card A link to my favourite authors website.
Chapters The ultimate place to buy books in Canada.
Popular Science This link connects to the Popular Science Magazine website. They maintain an online edition of the current issue withholding only the cover story.
Scientific American Another Website based on a science magazine. As with Popular Science, the majority of the articles found in the printed version can be found in the free online edition. For paying subscribers, this site also offers access to its archives, which include several years worth of back articles.
The Official NHL website Like all Canadians, and especially those born in Montreal, I am more than a little obsessed with hockey. As the name implies, this link connects to the official homepage of the NHL.
The Sports Network Website This link connects to the TSN website, my personal favourite for sporting news.
Star Wars The ultimate unofficial source for all things Star Wars.
Star Trek The Official place for all things Star Trek.
Freespace 2 The official webpage for what I believe is the best PC game ever created.
IGN My favourite place for info about new movies and games.