In the past, I have participated in a number of physics experiments covering a number of diverse topics.  Some examples of which include the deflection of electrons by electric fields, the use of visible light to determine the distance between the Earth and a Star, and the dynamics of the motion of pendulums and springs.

    I have included on this page several sample lab reports as well as essays and term papers written on topics related to physics.  For more info on any of these topics contact me at:


The Determination of the Height of Objects on the Moon

The Determination of the Velocity of the Earth as it Revolves Around the Sun and the Determination of the Length of 1 Astronomical Unit (AU)

The Determination of an Experimental Value for Planck's Constant

An Examination of The Dynamics of the Oscillation of Springs

LAB 3: Electron Deflection Lab

LAB 4: Testing the Voltage Across a Commercial Battery

LAB 5: Capacitor and Resistor Voltage Relations

Gravitational Waves


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