The following is a series of designs that I have done in the past for perviouse employers and educational instatutions. A more elaborate profile is avalible upon request

NOTE: Please respect that all righs for legal use are reserved to there current owners and my skills have improved from some of my earlyer designs.

Simple CAD Drawings

A rendered view of a 3D Band Shell A rendered view of a 3D model of Space Station Alpha
A mechanism used to tighten belts An exercise given to familiarize the student with the drawing tools and coordinate system essential to the use of AutoCAD as a drafting tool
An electrical schematic diagram A simple power train system based on a gear and a pulley
A jack powered by a worm gear A stock bracket for a Cold Saw Machine

Mechanical Desktop Gallery

The same tighten belts shown on AutoCAD above, but now in 3D A Simple Car Jack Stand
A pneumatic jack A hang held wood plane
The same stock bracket shown on AutoCAD above, but now shown in 3D A machine vise that would be mounted to the workbench or portable table
The orthographic views of the tool post A 3D rendering of the tool post

Inventor Gallery

Assembled Expanded Discription
The same Saw Bracket shown above, now prepared in inventor
An Any Angle Tool Vice modeled in Autodesk Inventor
The assembled view of the Pneumatic Jack
The same Power Train System shown above, now modeled in inventor

Solidworks Gallery

The same Pneumatic Jack assembly, now modeled in Solidworks
The same Vise shown above, now modeled in solidworks
The assembled view of a Trolley


The Determination of the Height of Objects on the Moon
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The Determination of the Velocity of the Earth as it Revolves Around the Sun and the Determination of the Length of 1 Astronomical Unit (AU)
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The Determination of an Experimental Value for Planck's Constant
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An Examination of The Dynamics of the Oscillation of Springs
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Electron Deflection Lab
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Testing the Voltage Across a Commercial Battery
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Capacitor and Resistor Voltage Relations
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Gravitational Waves
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Literature and Projects

Hovercraft: A brief history of the origins of the hovercraft. Click Here For More Details
Gases in Experimental and Future Rocket Propulsion Systems: A brief look at a possible future for rocketry Click Here For More Details
A Response to Dyson's Article Can Science be Ethical: A short essay based on an article concerning the ethics of scientists Click Here For More Details
In Spite of Innocence: An examination of the book "In spite of Innocence". Click Here For More Details
Bioethics Essay: The Ethics of Cloning and Genetic Engineering. Click Here For More Details
The Thin Blue Line: A summary of the film "The Thin Blue Line". Click Here For More Details